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Slip and Fall accidents should always be taken seriously. Even if the fall at first appears to be minor, injuries can turn up after the initial impact has taken place.  The kind of injuries sustained after a slip and fall accident depends a lot on the fitness and age of the person involved in the accident, but it’s not unusual to sustain injuries as severe as :

  • A brain concussion or other forms of brain injury.
  • Spinal and neck injuries are very common.
  • Lower back, herniated disc problems or tailbone injuries are just as common.
  • Broken or sprained ankle.
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries frequently occur when the individual, as they are falling, use their arms to protect themselves from getting hurt.
  • Traumatic injury to the ball and socket hip joint.
  • Broken bones in the arms or legs or hands or fingers.
How Do I Prove a Dangerous Condition Caused My Slip & Fall Accident in Las Vegas

Proving that a dangerous condition was the cause of your slip and fall accident requires hiring an experienced slip and fall attorney who can legally assign the cause of your accident as the result of the negligence of someone else. Finding fault with someone else means that their negligence or failure to provide a safe, risk-free environment unintentionally caused you harm.

In Las Vegas, a slip and fall accident caused by a negligent property owner can be proven by either showing the property owner clearly should have reasoned on their own prior to anyone getting hurt that there was a unsafe condition, or by showing the property owner’s lack of preventive care by not correcting or fixing a dangerous condition they already knew about before your accident occurred.

What Kinds of Conditions Cause a Slip & Fall Accident

It is always important for one to be aware of their surroundings. Dangerous conditions are potentially around every corner. A sidewalk, walkway or a driveway cut in front of someone’s home may present a dangerous condition if the surface cement is cracked or lifted up by a tree root growing underneath, ultimately making the walking surface uneven which can easily allow for one’s foot to stumble or trip and fall.

A wet slippery floor in a casino or bar or restaurant due to a spilled drink or a food spillage in any supermarket aisle is a recipe for disaster. When the staff of a business establishment are not properly trained to immediately attend to what can lead to a hazard condition for its customers or not available to immediately clean up the area, the business owner can be made liable for damages. At best, wet floor signs have to be put out to warn the public of the hazardous condition.

Sometimes one corner of a floor covering near a business establishment’s entry or exit doors becomes warped and is bent up or turned up and can cause a trip and fall accident to happen.
A missing handrail where there ought to be one is another hazard, especially in casinos and restaurants with restrooms located on a different floor. Storefronts that do not keep their sidewalks and walkways free from garbage accumulations and delivery boxes can make it difficult for the public to navigate around the untidiness and can lead to a passerby stumbling and falling.  These are just a few of the hazardous situations that can lead to debilitating injuries. The casino or store proprietor or home owner can be liable for your injuries.

What Should I Do If I Have a Slip & Fall Accident

To prove your case, it is vital that you document the accident and your injuries

  • Seek immediate medical attention. Your injuries are your first priority. Additionally, by documenting your injuries with a medical professional or hospital, it prevents the defense council from having any ability to try to show that your injuries were not the direct result of your slip and fall event. Also a medical expert has the necessary knowledge and experience to identify any hidden trauma and injuries that were not immediately apparent but may require long-term medical attention down the line.
  • Before you leave the scene of your accident, make every attempt to pinpoint the cause of your accident. If at all possible. you or someone at the scene should take pictures of the area of your accident. This is important because it will visually show the dangerous conditions as they actually were at the time of your accident. This also will prevent giving the store or business proprietor sufficient time to fix or repair the hazard condition prior to be assessed by an insurance agent or legal investigator. A picture is always worth a thousand words.
  • Be sure to take down the phone number and email address of anyone who may have witnessed your accident. That’s important because you may need them to testify on your behalf. Also, briefly write down anything they said to you about what they saw. Later on, when you hire an attorney, they’ll be contacted and asked to give a formal statement in writing. The reason to have witnesses is to avoid the defense rejecting your account of the events leading up to your accident, and more importantly, to avoid the defense being able to deny the dangerous condition even existed.
  • But even if there aren’t any witnesses, you can still have a strong case as long as you have documented the details leading up to your accident as outlined in this guide.
  • Make sure to file an accident report with the business agency where the accident occurred. If you don’t, the property owner, or the business proprietor, can claim you didn’t take the accident seriously or weren’t seriously injured.
  • Keep a written record of everything you can remember regarding the accident. Include all details as they relate to what you were doing and where you were just prior leading up to the accident.
  • Because our memory can omit things, whenever anything pops into your mind regarding the accident that you haven’t already noted down, be sure to add it to the record of details you already have.
  • Keep a daily track of how you’re feeling, the level of pain you’re experiencing, and note if you’ve experienced any new symptoms, also maintain a record of what your doctor or doctors are prescribing and what if any changes have been added to their prognosis for the length of time required in your injuries healing.
  • As Soon As Possible – to secure your legal rights and to make certain you’re doing everything you can to achieve maximum compensation –
Hire an Experienced Las Vegas Slip & Fall Attorney

It is the intent of the other side to pay you the minimum. It is the objective of their insurance company to pay you the minimum. If their insurance company speaks to you, their goal will be to try and use what you say against you by misstating what you said to mean something entirely different.

Negotiations in these types of cases can be very stressful and high tense. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Las Vegas, it’s important to seek legal help from trusted Las Vegas car accident attorneys who can help you navigate the legal process. Our team of experienced attorneys has a proven track record of success in helping clients get the compensation they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

To ease your mind and to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you’re owed for all your pain and suffering, and to cover any lost wages and earnings and medical costs, it’s critical that you hire an experienced attorney in slip and fall accidents to be on your side fighting for you to receive full recovery.

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