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You tripped and fell on a supermarket entrance floor mat that had a curled up edge and injured your back. Your car was T-boned by a Transit bus that left you with life-long neck pain. While you were playing Blackjack at one of the 72 casinos in Las Vegas, your wife stepped away to use the restroom and slipped on a wet floor and hurt her hip.

Personal Injuries in Las Vegas are happening as you read this. Every minute of every day someone in Las Vegas suffers from pain sustained through a slip and fall accident, or car accident, or through a medical malpractice event, or by using a defective product

These cases can be complicated and insurance companies work hard to protect their assets first before yours.

If you have been a victim of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior and plan to take legal action, you need a qualified Personal Injury Attorney to fight hard to protect your legal rights and make sure you receive maximum compensation for all your pain and losses.

What is the next step?

Essentially, a Personal Injury Attorney wears many hats. Your personal injury attorney is your best advocate. He or she is there to protect your legal rights and ensure you receive full compensation for any loss of earnings and property loss and to cover the cost of all your medical bills. Your personal injury attorney will stand up to insurance companies and aggressively fight for every dollar that should be awarded you. And just like in a criminal case, sometimes a personal injury case is not cut and dry, and an investigation into what may have caused the accident is necessary to draw out all the factors surrounding your case. Your personal injury attorney will monitor all the information collected in such an investigation.

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Working with Gina was An amazing feeling as the client to know that my case is being handled professionally and to the best it can be ! Knowing that Gina can handle it gave me confidence and peace, 100 percent recommend Gina and her associates team !

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What happens when my attorney files a lawsuit on my behalf ?

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil matter between two private parties; the plaintiff or person that has sustained injuries and has brought the lawsuit, and the defendant or person alleged to have caused the injurious circumstances either by acting negligently or recklessly, and without any thought to contributing to the harmful consequences that caused the accident to occur.

Your personal injury attorney will present the court with the facts as they relate to your injuries and argue as to why the defendant should be found responsible for causing your accident and will request the court to make the defendant pay for your damages.

Does Las Vegas have a minimum dollar amount I can sue for?

In Las Vegas, injurious cases involving more than $10,000, will likely be filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court Clark County, Nevada. The small claims department in Las Vegas Township Justice Court hears cases involving sums up to $7500.

Do the negligent laws in Las Vegas differ from other states?

In some states, if you are determined to be complicit in the negligence that led to the accident, even if it were as slight as 1%, you would be prohibited from bringing a lawsuit against the other party or parties involved in the incidence.

In Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada, as long as you are found to be less than 51% negligent, you can still file a lawsuit, however, the dollar amount of any compensation you are awarded will be reduced by the percentage of your fault.

What kind of damages can I sue for?

Damages generally are comprised of things like medical and hospital expenses and lost wages. Restitution can also include things such as the pain and suffering you experienced and may still be experiencing.

In certain situations in Las Vegas you can also ask to make an example of and punish the defendant. But these of damages are available only in limited cases.

Does Las Vegas have a statute of limitations on how long I have to file?

In Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada, you have generally up to 2 years from the date of the incident or accident to file for a personal injury lawsuit. To file for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Las Vegas, you have between 1 and 3 years, and is contingent on when you discovered there was malpractice.

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Depending on the extent of your injuries, Personal Injury cases are difficult and challenging to navigate on your own. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, contact Gina Corena & Associates Today.


Protecting your rights begins immediately following a car accident occurring. There are certain steps you should take following an accident to ensure the accident is properly documented and a record of your injuries is established. Here are the basic steps to protecting yourself following a Las Vegas car accident:

Safety at the scene — move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic if you can do so safely.

Contact law enforcement — advise them of the location of the accident as well as potential injuries so they may send EMS if needed.

Obtain documentation — get the name, address, and driver’s license information from other drivers involved in a car accident. When possible, you should also photograph the scene of the accident. If there were any witnesses to the accident, obtain their contact information.

Seek medical attention — regardless of how you feel, you should seek medical attention immediately. Immediately following an accident you may not be aware of any injuries.

Notify insurance company — once you have had medical attention, make sure you report the accident to your insurance company. Provide them the name of other drivers, location and time of the accident, and the law enforcement agency who arrived at the scene.

Contact a car accident attorney — taking this important step will help you learn more about your legal rights and options.

Words of caution: When you are discussing the accident with people on the scene, including other drivers, passengers, or witnesses, make sure you do not indicate you are in any way responsible. When you notify your insurance company about the accident, avoid answering any questions which could put you at legal risk.

When you speak to a car accident attorney at Gina Corena & Associates regarding your Las Vegas accident, we will be able to advise you about what steps you should take next. Car accidents disrupt your life, and the resulting injuries can cause you problems for years to come. Make sure you have a full understanding of what steps will be required next by protecting yourself.

One of the reasons we have been so successful over the years is the attention we pay to our clients. Not only do you get the personal attention often found in a boutique law office, but you get the resources and clout associated with a large personal injury law firm. Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys are fully prepared to work on your behalf both in and out of court. We can help you with all the paperwork associated with your personal injury claim.

Not only will we work on negotiating a reasonable settlement with your insurance company, but we will keep our focus on what is most important to resolving your case. That means we will seek out expert witnesses, take care of filing court documents, collect evidence, and prepare arguments in the event your case needs to be litigated.

We do all of this while covering your upfront legal fees. That means you have nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain — we work to get you a settlement while your focus remains where it needs to be. You need time to recover from your physical injuries and the emotional toll those injuries take on you and your family.

We can help injury victims and their family members with the following types of auto accident claims:

Our focus is always on victims. We can handle any type of car accident case for a victim provided there is not a conflict of interest. You focus on a complete and full recovery and let us pursue the maximum settlement for your injuries.

Victims of a car accident in Las Vegas should not have to suffer the financial consequences of a bad decision or negligence of another person. While many car accident claims are settled outside of court, the courts have provided guidance of how it is best to compensate individual victims of Las Vegas car accidents. There are compensatory damages, as well as non-compensatory damages which victims may be entitled to include in their claim. Keep in mind, we also may be able to help, even if the other driver is uninsured.

Here are some of the most common types of compensation you may be entitled to collect:

1. Medical bills resulting from an injury

Even when a car accident victim is covered by medical insurance, there may be copayments, uncovered tests, prescription drug costs, and medical devices which are not covered by their insurance. Not only will we pursue medical expenses beginning from the time of your accident, but we will also help determine what your future medical expenses may be based on your injury and recovery time.

Keep in mind, unreimbursed medical care including physical and psychological therapy, transportation to and from medical appointments, in-home medical care, and medical devices can also be included in your claim. Medical devices may include any number of items including crutches, canes, braces, wheelchairs, or specialized chairs or beds which a car accident victim may require while recovering.

2. Wages lost because of a motor vehicle accidents

One of the most significant issues victims of a Las Vegas car accident face is the lost wages while they are recovering. While many car accident victims have a disability plan through their employer, what most learn is the payments they receive are a fraction of their actual earnings. The financial losses can be devastating.

Some of the categories of current wages you may be able to include when filing a car accident claim include not only your base salary, but you may also be able to claim bonuses you may have been entitled to had you been working, vacation, sick and personal days you had to use during your recovery, and tips.

Many victims may also lose money on company-sponsored perks including matching funds in retirement accounts, perks such as a company car, company-paid cell phone, and more. You should discuss these losses with a personal injury attorney to determine what may be included.

For those victims who are going to be forced to find an alternative field of work, or be unable to return to work, your personal injury attorney will speak with experts who can help determine the potential future wages you will be losing and include those in your claim.

3. Accessibility Needs for Home and Vehicles

When someone suffers a back injury, particularly if it involves a complete spinal cord injury, they may be forced to make home modifications to enable them to remain in their home. These modifications may include stair lifts, ramps, dumbwaiters, or other equipment which allow a car accident victim to safely maneuver around the home, prepare meals, and use bathroom facilities.

Installation of new plumbing, adding ramps, and chair lifts to the upper levels of a home can be costly and this is not a cost which should be required to be paid by the victim of negligent behavior.

Some victims may also require their vehicle to be modified in order for them to transport themselves. Specialized equipment may be needed for a victim who has suffered the loss of an arm, a back or neck injury which makes it difficult for a driver to safely get in and out of their vehicle, or other modifications which allow a car accident victim the freedom to travel by car.

In cases where a victim is going to be wheelchair bound, there may be special vans, wheelchair ramps, or other equipment which a family will have to invest in to allow them to transport their loved one to various events and doctors’ appointments.

4. Reimbursement for Damage to Property

Your automobile damage may be covered by your own car insurance. However, if you have no collision coverage, or you are required to pay a deductible to repair your car following a Las Vegas car accident, you may be able to claim the amount you had to pay out of your pocket in your claim.

There may be other personal property damaged in a car accident including electronic equipment you had in your car, car seats for your children, or other property which was damaged or destroyed. The cost of repairing or replacing these items may be included in your auto accident claim. Speak with an experienced attorney in Las Vegas about what may be included.

Remember, there may also be the potential for non-monetary losses to be included in your claim. Some of these may include:

  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Property damage
  • Loss of life or loss of consortium
  • Other compensation allowable by law

One must always remember, the more serious an injury, the higher the monetary losses may be when filing a claim against the responsible parties. Discuss all possible avenues of compensation with the team of Las Vegas car accident lawyers at Gina Corena & Associates.

Any driver who is at fault for an accident on Las Vegas roadways can be held liable for any injury suffered by a victim as well as the resulting damages. Under Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 41.141) this means one must prove a person acted negligently. There are a few ways this may occur including:

  • Police report indicating fault — in some cases, a police report may have an opinion regarding fault. While this is not always the case, obtaining a copy of the police report following an accident can be crucial to a car accident lawsuit. For example, the police report may indicate the cause of the accident was drunk driving.
  • Insurance company findings — insurance companies take information from their own clients as well as the person who filed an insurance claim because they believe their injuries are the responsibility of the other driver. Insurance companies nearly always establish their own opinion based on experience regarding who is at fault.
  • Accident reconstruction specialists — when necessary, an accident reconstruction team may be called in to recreate the accident. Should you have problems with proving you were not at fault, your Las Vegas car accident attorney can call these experts in to help.
  • Traffic or security videos — a picture really does paint a thousand words. Many car accident victims forget that Las Vegas business owners have security cameras, and many roadways have traffic cameras. The data on the storage is often erased after 30 days so time is important. Contacting a Las Vegas auto accident attorney as soon as possible can help ensure this data is preserved.
  • Witness statements — other motorists, pedestrians, store owners, and bicyclists may have witnessed the accident in which you suffered an injury. One way to obtain their statements is to have a personal injury lawyer depose them and get statements under oath. This can help establish a better timeline of incidents which led up to a car accident as well.

Remember, at the heart of all civil lawsuits, is the need to prove liability. While it may be easy if there is one vehicle being operated by a drunk driver involved, there are other situations where it may be more complicated. Some examples of this include:

  • Truck accidents — the driver, their employer, or a maintenance team may be partially liable.
  • Rideshare accidents — the driver, the rideshare company may be liable.
  • Bus or taxi accidents — drivers, owners of the bus or taxi, or parts manufacturers are a few of the potentially responsible parties.

Remember, the only way to ensure the right parties are held accountable for their negligence is to speak with a car accident attorney who has experience handling complicated cases. No two accidents are the same, and each situation must be carefully reviewed by someone who knows how to find the right information to help you get compensated for your injuries.

First, a car accident victim has to determine which party is responsible for their injuries. Then they will have to file a claim with the proper insurer. This can be challenging if more than one party is responsible for the harm you have suffered. Remember, insurance companies have a contract with their clients. The client pays a premium for situations where they may otherwise face financial ruin. However, an insurance company only makes money when they collect premiums and avoid paying claims.

This is a big problem for a Las Vegas car accident victim. This means insurance company adjusters are working against you, not for you despite their questions about your well-being. Remember, the questions you are asked by an insurance adjuster are an attempt at minimizing your claim, not improving your chances of a fair settlement. You should keep the following in mind when speaking with insurance adjusters:

  • Never agree to a recorded statement — do not allow an insurance adjuster to record your statement to them. Oftentimes, these recordings are used out of context to help the insurance company prove you are not as seriously injured as you claim.
  • Sign nothing without legal review — an insurance company may send you several documents after you file a claim. Do not sign any of them without having them reviewed by a Las Vegas car accident attorney. This is important because you may learn later the documents contained language which restricts your rights or allows access to information which you have no legal obligation to provide to the insurance company. In some cases, insurance company adjusters may ask you to sign a form releasing your medical records. However, rather than limiting the request to the medical records pertaining to the car crash, they may want access to your full records. This means they may be looking for preexisting conditions in order to minimize their liability.
  • Use caution answering questions — you should always bear in mind there is no innocent question being asked by an insurance adjuster. There is a reason behind every question asked. In most cases, these questions are designed to encourage you to provide an answer which will help the insurance company minimize the amount of your claim.

The best rule of thumb following a Las Vegas car accident is to allow your personal injury attorney to handle all communications and correspondence with the insurance company. Not only will this step help protect your rights, it could help you get better compensation.

It is important to remember the insurer is going to attempt to protect themselves. Their job is not to protect you, and it is not to protect their client. They have an obligation to their shareholders to keep their bottom line healthy — one way to do that is to minimize claims.

You may also get an early settlement offer from an insurance company. Remember, chances are they will tell you they are making their “best” offer. You should understand the offer an insurance company makes initially is definitely not the best offer. Early offers allow an insurance company to escape further liability.

Should you accept an offer from an insurance company, you will also be asked to sign documents (or there will be language on the back of the check you receive) which prohibits you from seeking additional compensation on the claim. This means if you need additional services including surgical procedures or other medical treatment as a result of your car accident injuries, they will not be liable for those costs. This also means any wages which are not included in the initial settlement offer cannot be claimed later.

After a car crash, you may not know whether or not you should hire a car accident lawyer. The fact is, working with a law firm can be very beneficial to every victim. A law firm with a track record of working on car accident claims will know how to seek out evidence, before the evidence is lost.

For example, your car crash may have been captured on a traffic camera. If you are uncertain how to obtain this critical evidence, then it could be lost before your claim is filed. A personal injury lawyer will know how to access this information and have it available to help strengthen your personal injury claim.

Some victims are uncertain how much information they should provide their own insurance company. Remember, your insurance company may be handling part of your claim: For example, if you have collision coverage, they may cover the damage to your vehicle. However, this also means they may ask you for information which will help them hold the other driver accountable for the claim. Even when you are dealing with your own insurance company, you have to exercise caution as anything you say may be shared with other insurance adjusters.

All insurance policies have different clauses in them. Having legal representation means you will be working with someone who is experienced in some of the various disclaimers contained in standard policies which can help an insurance company escape or minimize their liability.

Having an attorney on your side means you have someone who will be advocating for you, and in your best interests. No insurance company, your own included, is likely to do that.

This is the question nearly every car crash victim asks. Remember there are a number of factors which will determine how much a claim is worth. Some of these include:

  • Age of the victim — your age will be a factor in the amount of compensation you are able to collect. The younger a victim, the shorter the recovery time. However, if a younger victim has a life-altering injury such as a traumatic brain injury, or during their recovery the victim dies, the family may file a wrongful death claim.
  • Physical condition of the victim — after a car crash, your condition is going to differ from other victims if you had prior health ailments. There may be some victims who are more prone to infection or have conditions which hamper their recovery.
  • Type of car crash — victims of a head-on collision will face different challenges than those who are injured in a sideswipe collision. The speed at which a vehicle was traveling will also play a factor. Remember, a drunk driver can be traveling at higher speeds than someone who is not otherwise impaired, which can result in more serious injuries.
  • Severity of injuries — someone who suffers a broken bone will not have the same medical costs as someone who suffers a traumatic brain injury. The severity of a victim’s injuries determines not only their medical costs, but their recovery time as well. The longer it takes someone to recover from an injury, the more likely it is that their settlement will reflect that in lost wages.

These are only a few of the factors which will be taken into consideration when determining a fair settlement for your injuries. Keep in mind, when you hire a personal injury law firm to protect your rights and represent you following a car crash, you still retain control over offers of settlement.

Let’s face it: attorneys’ fees are one of the most expensive parts of litigating a car accident lawsuit. However, you pay nothing upfront to our car accident attorneys in Las Vegas! If you hire an attorney from the personal injury law firm of Gina Corena & Associates, you will first get to talk to an attorney during a free consultation where they will explain to you your rights and your legal options.

Once the free consultation is over, you will then be provided a fee agreement. Part of this fee agreement includes information on contingency fees. Simply put, a contingency fee means the lawyer who is working on your behalf agrees to collect their fees only after your case has been settled. While some people complain these fees are too high, there are some things to remember:

1. We represent our clients founded on decades of experience, education, and professional training that can yield up to four times the return during a settlement.

2. Your legal problems become our legal problems, too. Our team ensures that we manage your case following the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure as specified.

3. We absorb upfront expenses related to depositions, court costs, expert testimony, evidence collection, travel costs, office supplies, attorney salaries, legal support staff, and other expenses of litigating a case. Complex matters can run this number above six figures.

The good news is that our clients do not have to pay for these costs and fees unless our car accident attorneys in Las Vegas win your case. After recovering your financial damages, we retain a reasonable percentage of the total award amount.

While it may sound like a cliché, we genuinely do not get paid unless you win. It is a client pricing model that guarantees you our motivation is all in when it comes to protecting your rights and pursuing the compensation that you have every right to following a Las Vegas car crash.

At Gina Corena & Associates, our goal is recovering the maximum available damage in all personal injury cases. We want you to have the time you need to fully regain your physical health. While you are managing your physical and emotional well-being, we will be working hard, negotiating on your behalf. This is our benchmark of success when it comes to the best client service, and more importantly, for you, the best results. We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome so you and your family are not suffering the financial repercussions of a car accident in which you were not the party at-fault party.

Our legal team has a vision for each of our clients. It is simple: We want to provide you with high-quality, skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. We want you to feel that your case is being handled in the best possible manner and that you are assured that we are doing everything in our power to ensure you get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. Do not let a negligent driver rob you of your life savings. We will seek the maximum economic and non-economic damages on your behalf.

Remember, there is a statute of limitations which you are up against when you are filing a claim. Thanks to our years of experience negotiating settlement offers and dealing with auto insurance companies, we know how to get the best possible car accident settlement for victims.

We are determined to help victims of Las Vegas car accidents pursue every valid claim. Contact Gina Corena & Associates today and schedule a free case evaluation with one of our car accident attorneys in Las Vegas, NV, by calling (702) 680-1111 or by sending us a message through our online contact form.

Car accidents in Las Vegas are big news. In the past 12 months, the Las Vegas Sun has published 120 articles about serious crashes – usually including a fatality. And that doesn’t include accidents causing non-fatal injuries and property damage that don’t make the news. Fatal crashes in Nevada are on the rise, and many of those occur in Clark County, home to Las Vegas and nearly two-thirds of the state’s population. Here are some facts and figures about traffic accidents that shed some light on driving in Sin City and around the state.

  • According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety, in 2021 there were 357 deadly crashes across the state that resulted in 382 deaths – a 19% increase in deadly crashes and a 17.9% increase in deaths from the previous year.Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety, in 2021
  • Clark County accounted for 224 fatal crashes in 2021, up 24% from 2020. Fatalities increased almost 22%.Clark County accounted for 224 fatal crashes in 2021
  • The most pedestrian (66) and motorcyclist (58) fatalities were also reported by Clark County.The most pedestrian 66 and motorcyclist 58 fatalities were also reported by Clark County.
  • Intersections are a dangerous site for traffic accidents – in 2019, there were 104 fatalities of drivers and pedestrians across Nevada.
  • What are the most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas? In 2018, researchers at the University of Las Vegas recorded 50 crashes with injuries at Sahara Avenue and Decatur.
  • Ranked second and third for most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas are Charleston and Rainbow, followed by Maryland and Flamingo
  • Most of the accidents at these intersections are caused by people running red lights, or trying to turn left into oncoming traffic.
  • The Nevada Department of Transportation has an annual contest for funny and attention-getting safety messages to display on its digital signs. The latest winner is “Mash potatoes, not your head.” Past winners include “That’s the temperature, not the speed limit” and “Camp in the mountains, not the left laneThe Nevada Department of Transportation has an annual contest for funny and attention-getting safety messages to display on its digital signs.
  • Traffic news is clearly important to Las Vegas residents. Want live updates of traffic accidents in Las Vegas? Just head to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department website and you can view incidents by time and location. There is also a Facebook group called Las Vegas Breaking News and Traffic Accidents with over 21,000 members.
    Las wagas breaaking news and traffic accidents
  • Las Vegas’s reputation as an entertainment mecca means alcohol is a major factor in traffic accidents. In 2021, “Lost Wages” was ranked #1 for drunk driving , with 1,986 DUI arrests per 100,000 residents.Lost Wages” was ranked #1 for drunk driving , with 1,986 DUI arrests per 100,000 residents.

From these statistics, it’s clear that driving in Las Vegas carries some significant risks. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, our team is here to assist you on the road to recovery. Contact us today for a consultation.

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