Common Myths about Parking Lot Accidents

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 30,2023

Common Myths about Parking Lot Accidents

The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that two-thirds of drivers are distracted when they pull into parking lots, making it somewhat unsurprising that one in five car accidents that happen in parking lots. Nearly the same percentage of drivers entering a parking lot are texting, on social media, sending or receiving emails, taking pictures, or watching videos, while more often drivers are programming their GPS systems. No matter the reason for the distraction, these drivers are increasing the number of parking lot accidents and putting others in the parking lot at risk.

If you were injured by another driver in a parking lot, it can benefit you to contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The other driver may be liable for your damages.

Common Parking Lot Accident Myths

There are many myths surrounding parking lot accidents that can increase their occurrence and decrease the chances that injured drivers will seek legal assistance or file an insurance claim. None of which should happen. The most common myths are discussed in more detail below.

Slow Speeds Means No Serious Injuries

Drivers mistakenly assume that slow speeds mean that collisions cannot cause serious damage, which should equate to little or no injuries to drivers and passengers. However, just because a car was not damaged or had very little damage, it doesn’t mean that the people inside the vehicle are okay. They can still suffer serious injuries at low speeds, even as slow as 15 miles per hour. In addition, pedestrians can easily be gravely injured when they are hit by vehicles moving at any speed.

Vehicles, especially newer ones, are built to withstand and sustain impacts in ways that minimize the damage; people are not. Even still, vehicles may not appear to have significant damage on the outside but could still have sustained major damages. The same is true with people.

Both Drivers are Always at Fault in Parking Lot Accidents

While the driver who hit you in the parking lot would like to believe this myth, it is not always the case. Unfortunately, this myth keeps many accident victims from filing a claim and seeking the legal help they need. Fault in a parking lot accident is often complex and is rarely evenly split between all involved drivers. It is best to discuss your case with a Las Vegas car accident attorney to determine what recourse you have.

The Insurance Company Will Sort Out the Accident and Take Care of You

It’s convenient and comforting to believe that yours or the other driver’s insurance company will take care of everything after the accident, but this is a myth as well. Of course, there are hardworking and honest claims adjusters out there; however, they are pressured by their company’s bottom line. This fact can prevent them from giving you the time, attention, and compensation you deserve. Ultimately, their job is to help the insurance company pay as little as possible for claims. Getting a Las Vegas personal injury attorney involved can help you obtain the fair compensation you deserve after a parking lot accident. Some adjusters will twist your words and attempt to get you to make certain statements that will only serve their purposes. Your attorney can also speak to the adjuster on your behalf or be present with you when speaking to them.

You Should Not Report Your Accident to Law Enforcement

If someone is injured in the accident and needs immediate medical care, do not be afraid to dial 911. If no one needs immediate help, it is always wise to file a police report. Depending on your jurisdiction, the police may not come to the scene of a parking lot accident if it occurred on private property and there are no apparent injuries. Instead, they may allow you to make an online report. If you are able to, take pictures of the area and both vehicles, and get the contact information for any witnesses. Documenting what happened can help your claim if it is the other driver’s word against yours.

Hurt in a Parking Lot Accident? Call a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Today

Parking lot accidents can be deceiving. When it comes to injuries and property damage, there is often more than meets the eye. No matter how minor your accident appears, be sure to see your doctor and have your injuries checked out.

In Nevada, being involved in a car accident while driving without a license can have significant consequences. However, your right to file a personal injury claim doesn’t necessarily depend on whether you had a license at the time of the accident. Moreover, the aftermath of an accident can sometimes lead to unexpected complications. Some individuals might experience delayed injuries that only manifest days or weeks after the incident. It’s crucial to be aware of such possibilities and seek medical attention promptly.

The landscape of car accidents has also evolved over time. For instance, the dynamics of car accidents in Las Vegas before and after the COVID-19 pandemic have seen noticeable shifts. Furthermore, accidents involving specific vehicles, like getting hit by an uninsured U-Haul, come with their own set of challenges. And for those who experience traumatic events, proving PTSD post-accident can be a complex process, requiring expert legal guidance.

Don’t let these parking lot accident myths keep you from pursuing your claim. You may be leaving money that you are entitled to for your damages on the table Instead, schedule a consultation with a skilled Las Vegas car accident lawyer today. At Gina Corena & Associates, we can evaluate your case and advise you about your next steps.

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