The Lasting Effects of a T-Bone Car Accident

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 26,2023

The Lasting Effects of a T-Bone Car Accident

T-bone collisions, which occur most often in intersections, can lead to lasting injury for many victims. Frequently, T-bone collisions involve force from both vehicles. They can occur at high rates of speed, which may further worsen the risk of injury. Following a T-bone collision, contact an attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights, including your right to compensation following an accident that results in severe injuries.

The Basics of T-Bone Collisions

T-bone collisions occur when one vehicle strikes the other in the side, resulting in a “T” shape between the two damaged vehicles. T-bone collisions usually occur in intersections, often as a result of distracted driving behavior. One driver may run a red light or run through a stop sign, resulting in a dangerous collision with a vehicle traveling in the perpendicular lanes of traffic.

T-bone collisions usually cause the most serious injuries to passengers on the side of the vehicle hit in the collision. However, they can also cause severe injury to everyone in both vehicles, especially when the collision occurs in a busy, fast-moving intersection.

The Lasting Medical Impact of T-Bone Collisions

In a T-bone collision, the full force and weight of a vehicle drive specifically into the other vehicle’s side, where occupants may have less protection than they would if struck from the front or rear. Most safety features on modern vehicles also focus heavily on the driver’s door, which means that passengers may have less protection than drivers during a T-bone collision. Many victims, therefore, suffer severe damage in T-bone collisions. Those injuries can have lasting impact on many areas of the victim’s life.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The force of a T-bone collision can cause the victim’s head to hit the steering wheel, the windshield, or the seats within the vehicle at a high rate of speed, resulting in traumatic brain injury as the brain hits the inside of the skull at a high rate of force. Traumatic brain injury can cause lasting, sometimes permanent deficits in cognitive processes, including memory, problem-solving, and even emotional regulation. Victims with even minor traumatic brain injury may have symptoms more than a year after the initial accident. More serious traumatic brain injury may cause permanent impact.

Neck and Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries can have a serious impact on many areas of the victim’s life. Most major muscle movements involve the neck and back in some way. Whiplash can significantly slow down the victim, resulting in a loss of many of the victim’s enjoyable activities. Furthermore, neck and back injuries can prevent the victim from taking care of many basic work tasks, since they can interfere with lifting, standing, or sitting for long periods of time.

In severe cases, neck and back injuries may include spinal cord injuries, which may cause partial or full paralysis below the site of the injury, depending on the severity of those injuries.

Crushing Injuries

Commonly, T-bone accidents result in crushing injuries, often to the legs and feet. Crushing damage can cause extreme loss of mobility. In extreme cases, crushing damage may also result in amputation. Amputees may have to learn to cope with the loss of a limb. While they may choose to use a prosthetic to help them get around, amputees may struggle to learn to adapt to the new prosthetic limb. Prosthetics may also require expensive replacements on a regular basis, since they may only last an average of 3-5 years.

Broken Bones

T-bone accidents frequently result in broken bones, especially on the side of the vehicle where the accident occurs. Broken bones commonly occur in the limbs, but T-bone accidents may also result in broken ribs. While broken bones may heal cleanly and with few complications, some victims find that broken bones result in a loss of mobility or long-term pain, especially if the bone requires surgery in order to set and treat.

Severe Lacerations

In addition to the other risks of T-bone collisions, many victims suffer severe lacerations. The force of a T-bone collision may result in the windshield or windows shattering. Getting out of the vehicle may require the victim to move across twisted metal and broken glass. Severe lacerations may result in substantial blood loss or long-term scarring. Serious scars, especially to the face, may have immense psychological impact on the victim.

Dealing with the Aftermath of T-Bone Collisions

You suffered serious injuries in a T-bone collision. Now what? The steps that you take next could impact your recovery and your financial state in the years after the accident.

Step One: Notify the police.

If you can, call 911 to summon the police to the scene of the accident. If you do not believe you suffered severe injuries, you should remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. A police report will help establish when the accident took place. The police may also establish who caused the accident, which can prove critical in claiming compensation for your injuries.

Step Two: Seek medical attention.

Visit a hospital or urgent care facility immediately after your accident. If you suffered severe injuries, including traumatic brain injury, severe crushing damage, or obvious broken bones, you may immediately know that you need to go to the hospital. Other injuries, however, may prove more subtle, and you may not notice them immediately. After any type of serious car accident, however, make sure you have a medical professional evaluate your injuries to determine their severity and the right course of treatment for your needs.

Step Three: Contact an attorney.

Any time you suffer severe injuries in an accident, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and follow for the compensation you deserve. Contact an attorney as soon after your accident in Las Vegas as possible so the attorney can help support you in each step of the process, from notifying the insurance company to negotiating the settlement you deserve.

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