Common Types of Hotel and Casino Related Injuries

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 25,2023

Common Types of Hotel and Casino Related Injuries

A vacation in Las Vegas often sounds like an exciting time. There are casinos, shows, and food like nowhere else in the world. An accident in a hotel or casino, however, can completely derail your vacation and leave you with serious injuries that may remain with you for the rest of your life. Does the hotel or casino bear liability for your accident and your injuries? Take a look at these common hotel and casino injuries to learn when that facility might bear liability for your injuries.

Hotel Room Accidents

Hotels have a high duty of care to their visitors when it comes to ensuring that they have a safe environment. Unfortunately, some hotels may not take adequate precautions to ensure that they have offered that safe environment. For example, a hotel room might have unsafe electrical wiring exposed inside the room, a malfunctioning Jacuzzi tub, or a railing that could fall away when a guest leans against it, all of which could mean substantial risk of severe injury.

Transportation Accidents

Many hotels and casinos provide transportation to and from their facilities for their guests. Ground transportation is convenient, but it’s not without danger. When the driver fails to take adequate precautions on the road, including deliberate acts of negligence like driving while distracted or speeding, the driver–and, by extension, the company–may bear liability for injuries to the passengers in that vehicle.

Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Elevators and escalators can pose a substantial danger when the facility that owns them fails to maintain them properly. Falls from heights, escalators that catch on clothing or flesh, or elevators whose doors close on guests can all cause significant injuries. If a hotel or casino fails to properly maintain their escalators and elevators, resulting in serious injury to a guest, the facility may bear liability for those injuries.

Food Poisoning

While in Las Vegas, you may choose to try the wide range of foods available, including those served in hotels and casinos. Many casinos offer buffets or easy-service meals, where you can get a meal and then return to the slot machines or your poker table with barely a hitch. Food that is not properly prepared and stored, however, can cause serious food poisoning in guests. Even minor food poisoning can lead to a great deal of discomfort, completely ruining your vacation. More serious food poisoning can lead to dehydration, time in the hospital, and even, in extreme cases, death.

Dangerous Chairs

In many hotels and casinos, you will find a number of places where you naturally need to sit. As you enjoy your vacation, you may note everything from tall bar stools to shorter chairs. Those chairs help you get off your feet and relax after a long day of wandering through the streets of Las Vegas, taking in the sights and enjoying the local attractions. Sometimes, however, those chairs wear down over time or due to excess use. Hotels and casinos must inspect and regularly replace those chairs as needed in order to reduce the risks faced by patrons who use them. A chair that breaks can send a patron crashing to the floor, resulting in serious injuries to the back, neck, and head. Some guests may also try to catch themselves, resulting in severe hand and arm injuries.

Negligent Security Incidents

While Las Vegas offers a sparkling nightlife, it may also offer some security hazards to its visitors. Drunken visitors to casinos, for example, may become belligerent. Sometimes, thieves may attempt to break into hotel rooms, especially if they have reason to suspect that you might have valuables concealed inside. In the heavy tourist traffic that comes through Las Vegas each year, it naturally follows that there will be some dangerous individuals who could pose a hazard to others in the area. Hotels and casinos, in particular, bear a strong duty of care when it comes to keeping their guests safe from those dangerous individuals. That means putting multiple layers of security in place, from strong locks on hotel room doors and a system that helps prevent unauthorized access to the room to ensuring that those facilities have security guards in place who can help deal with any potential threats. Hotels and casinos may also need to pay particular attention to the lighting around them, especially in parking garages. Failure to attend to those key details could result in serious injuries to guests in an attack.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Hotel or Casino Accident

Many of the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are owned by large corporations and insured by large insurers who may fight to reduce the compensation they have to pay out after an incident as much as possible. At Gina Corena & Associates, however, we fight hard to increase the odds that our clients will get the compensation they really deserve following hotel or casino negligence. You may deserve compensation for your medical bills, your lost wages, and the suffering you experienced as a result of your hotel or casino injuries, and we want to help our clients maximize the odds that they will receive that compensation.

Our experienced team of attorneys will start with a close look at the evidence, including any past claims involving the hotel or casino whose negligence caused your injuries. Then, we build a compelling claim that will establish who caused your injuries, what challenges, pain, or limitations you suffered as a result of those injuries, and what compensation you deserve. We help our clients understand the full compensation they deserve for their injuries so they do not get taken in by an insurance company determined to limit them. If necessary, we will go to court to fight for our clients’ right to compensation after serious hotel or casino injuries.

Did You Suffer Serious Injuries in a Las Vegas Casino or Hotel?

In the bustling environment of Las Vegas, hotels and casinos play a pivotal role in the experiences of visitors. However, accidents and injuries can occur, raising questions about the responsibility of these establishments. To understand more about the liability and responsibilities of casinos in such incidents, you can refer to our article on Casinos Injury Responsibility.

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