Why Medical Treatment and Records are Critical: Explanation by Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 28,2023

Why Medical Treatment and Records are Critical: Explanation by Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

The sudden impact of a car accident is a shocking event that can leave you feeling dazed and confused. The immediate concern about possible injuries and your desire to not have injuries can cause you to decline medical treatment. The reality of many car accidents is that a shock sometimes masks signs and symptoms of serious injuries. Seeking immediate medical treatment is always a smart idea for protecting your health and for establishing a medical record for possible civil action.

The Impact of Shock on Your Body and Why Medical Attention is Essential

The Mayo Clinic defines shock as a critical condition that can result from trauma. The sudden drop in blood flow through the body prevents the organs from receiving the oxygen they need. Organ damage and death are possible without immediate medication attention.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the following signs and symptoms are important indicators of possible shock:

  • Rapid pulse
  • Rapid breathing
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Bluish tinge to lips or fingers
  • Cool or clammy skin
  • Enlarged pupils
  • Changes in mental status

These are a few examples of shock that you or a loved one may experience following a car accident. Other injuries may result in a delay of pain or symptoms. A headache may indicate a possible concussion, and a sore neck may represent whiplash. Early treatment for your injuries can perhaps alleviate your pain and possibly prevent future complications.

An examination by a medical professional immediately following your accident establishes a record of your injuries.  This record is valuable information for a future personal injury claim and lawsuit.

Beyond the immediate physical injuries, it’s crucial to recognize the potential psychological aftermath of such traumatic events. Many individuals experience a range of emotions and challenges in their post-accident psychology, which can be just as debilitating. For a comprehensive understanding of these post-accident effects and resources, exploring the related topics can offer valuable insights.

First responders will treat you at the scene and prepare you for transport to a medical facility. Accepting immediate medical treatment —despite possibly feeling fine — may save your life.

How Your Medical Record Can Bolster Your Case in Court

A medical record serves as documentation of the injuries you suffered due to another driver’s negligence. Your lawyer can use the record to emphasize the extent of your injuries, the impact of the injuries on your life, and the costs related to your care.

A Nevada personal injury lawyer can aggressively fight for the following types of compensation on your behalf:

  • Medical expenses such as medical transport, hospital fees, and doctors’ fees
  • Costs associated with long-term care, like that of rehabilitation, therapies, or a skilled nursing facility
  • Lost income due to your inability to work
  • Potential future earnings if you are unable to return to your job or career
  • Mental anguish associated with your pain and suffering

The longer the recovery period necessary for your injuries, the greater the financial impact for you and your family. When your situation is due to the negligent actions of another driver, this stress is unfair. A personal injury lawyer from Gina Corena & Associates understands Nevada law and how to handle insurance companies who are reluctant to pay fair compensation.

There is never a guarantee of compensation, and the outcome of your case depends on various factors. Fighting for compensation alone is difficult when you are unfamiliar with state laws and insurance company tactics.  Referring insurance adjusters to your lawyer affords you the peace of mind necessary to rest and focus on your recovery.

Gathering your medical records and contacting a personal injury lawyer for a free case evaluation is easier, less stressful, and provides you with legal representation for the best outcome possible.

The Consequences of Not Having a Medical Report After a Car Accident

An insurance company will typically fight your claim for compensation if you do not seek medical attention. Delaying a trip to the hospital can indicate that your injuries were not severe or that they were possibly not related to the crash.

Refusing medical immediate treatment provides an insurance company with a powerful tool they can use against you. If your injuries are the result of negligence by another driver, protect your possible fight for compensation and seek immediate medical care.

Free Case Evaluations Offer You Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

A free case evaluation with a Nevada personal injury lawyer leaves you nothing to lose. Learning if you have grounds for a personal injury claim and lawsuit is an important first step toward possible compensation for your injuries.

Documentation of your injuries is vital for your case. The team at Gina Corena & Associates will build your case by identifying the party liable for your harm and proving negligence. The medical records relating to your injuries are a necessary and critical part of your case.

We all desire to feel fine following an accident. Brushing off concerns about a sore neck, headache, or missing the signs of possible shock is dangerous and can harm your health and civil case.

If you experience a car accident, seek immediate medical treatment regardless of how you feel. Next, contact a Nevada personal injury lawyer for a free case evaluation.

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While a trip to the emergency department is not fun, it is something you must do following a car accident. Once you receive medical treatment, contact Gina Corena & Associates for a free case evaluation.

We take great pride in helping accident victims pursue the compensation they need and deserve.  If a drunk, drowsy, distracted, or speeding driver caused your accident, hold them accountable with our help.

The statute of limitations clock begins ticking the moment you suffer your injury.  This means time is quickly passing by to file your lawsuit within the required deadline of two years. The blur of medical appointments and procedures can leave you confused as to the day, week, and month.

Do not miss your chance to pursue legal action against the driver responsible for your harm. If the statute of limitations expires before you file your lawsuit, you may miss your opportunity to pursue compensation forever.

Gina Corena & Associates are here to help navigate you through this trying time. From negotiations with insurance companies to a possible trial, we stand by your side from start to finish. Our team is approachable and compassionate. We want our clients to receive fair compensation, and we fight for the best outcome possible.

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