Common Causes of Rollover Accidents in Nevada

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 21,2023

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents in Nevada

Every year, rollover accidents account for around 30% of vehicle crashes that result in occupant fatalities. Most often, rollover accidents involve a great deal of force, which may lead to serious injury to vehicle occupants: spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, severe broken bones, and even death. Often, rollover collisions cause lasting implications for their victims.

Rollover accidents frequently occur as a result of driver error on Nevada roads. As the most mountainous state in the US, Nevada also has roads that include a number of sharp drops and curves, which can increase the risk of rollover accidents. Avoiding the conditions that can increase the risk of rollover accidents may help you stay safer on the road.

Cause #1: Driving at high rates of speed.

According to the NHTSA report, around 40% of rollover collisions occur as a result of high-speed driving on roads with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour or higher. At a high rate of speed, drivers may struggle harder to control their vehicles. As a result, they may have a harder time navigating sharp turns or avoiding sharp drop-offs. The car can then top over quickly.

Cause #2: Driving under the influence.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can substantially increase the risk of a rollover collision. The majority of rollover accidents are considered single-vehicle collisions. Often, they result from a driver under the influence who fails to navigate the road safely. Driving sober can help keep vehicle occupants safer and significantly reduce the risk of accidents that may result in severe injury. Inebriated drivers often have poor vehicle control and bad decision-making skills, which may make it difficult for them to respond to curves. They may have a greater likelihood of over-steering into a turn due to poor judgment. If an inebriated driver’s wheels slip off the road, it may take more effort for that driver to pull the wheels back and get back on the road, which may further increase the risk of a rollover accident.

Cause #3: Driving while distracted.

Looking away from the road at the wrong moment, especially long enough to check or send a text message or to engage with a cell phone, can substantially increase the risk of rollover accidents, especially on dangerous, curving roads. Drivers need hands and attention on the wheel to help navigate those drastic curves. As vehicle speed creeps up, so does the need to pay careful attention to the road around them. Unfortunately, distracted drivers may fail to note an upcoming curve or allow their wheels to tip off of a sharp drop. They may then overreact to the dangerous scenario, jerking the wheel and causing a more serious accident, including a rollover. Frequently, distracted drivers do not have time to process potential errors, which may raise the risk that they will end up causing a rollover accident.

Cause #4: Improper Vehicle Maintenance

Poor tire maintenance, in particular, can quickly lead to increased accident risk, including increased rollover risk. Car tires need significant traction in order to hold the road safely. When the treads start to wear down, they may no longer keep their grip on the road, which can substantially increase the risk that the car will tip over. Worn-down treads may also have a harder time finding purchase if the driver overcorrects or steers too hard, or may slip on sharp curves, especially in bad weather.

Cause #5: Rural Roads

Rural roads often do not see the same level of maintenance that you would experience on well-traveled, divided highways throughout Nevada. Unfortunately, those rural roads see more than their fair share of rollover accidents. They may have fewer safety features, including guard rails and rumble strips that can help prevent drivers from going off-course. In addition, drivers may travel at faster speeds than safety allows on rural roads, where less traffic may make it possible for them to raise their speed without encountering other vehicles.

Cause #6: Inclement Weather

Accidents of all types, including rollover collisions, may occur more frequently in inclement weather. Rainy roads quickly become slick, and drivers’ tires may become less likely to hold purchase on the road. During inclement weather, another driver’s dangerous actions can also make it more likely that you will suffer serious injuries in an accident, since you may need more time to respond in order to navigate those challenges successfully. Drivers should slow down in inclement weather to give them more time to respond to sudden stops, curves in the road, or potential errors, including minor drop offs.

Cause #7: Top-Heavy Vehicles

Many large vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, may sit high off the ground. They have a high center of gravity, which means they may need less momentum to push them over the edge and result in a rollover. While these vehicles often have greater weight than smaller vehicles, as well as a greater risk of passengers surviving a rollover collision, top-heavy vehicles may still have a higher risk of rolling in the first place, resulting in severe injury to vehicle occupants.

Cause #8: Multi-Car Collisions

Most rollover accidents involve only a single vehicle. Nevertheless, multi-vehicle accidents can also result in rollovers. Sometimes, one car may push another over the edge. Other times, the sheer force of an accident may cause a car to tip over as its wheels lose purchase on the road. Most often, multi-car rollover accidents involve one driver’s extreme negligence, often due to extremely high rates of speed, inebriation, or distraction. Rollover accidents that involve multiple vehicles may also mean numerous competing forces, which may mean extreme injury or death to the occupants of the vehicle.

Rollover accidents, whether single or multi-vehicle, usually lead to severe injuries requiring immediate medical attention. Following an accident, timely medical treatment is not only vital for your health but can significantly impact any future claims. It’s essential to recognize medical treatment and keeping thorough records after such incidents, as they play a pivotal role in ensuring a fair settlement.

Did You Suffer Serious Injuries in a Multi-Vehicle Rollover Accident?

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