Common Causes of Severe Car Accidents in Las Vegas Nevada

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 21,2023

Common Causes of Severe Car Accidents in Las Vegas Nevada

Roadway accidents in Las Vegas are nothing unusual. In fact, in 2010, Las Vegas was ranked 144 of 200 for the worst drivers across metropolitan areas. Protecting yourself while traveling on Las Vegas roadways can be challenging and one way to understand the hazards you are facing involves understanding what causes car accidents in the area.

External Causes of Accidents in Las Vegas

While external influences are not the primary cause of car accidents, they certainly play a role. External causes may be partially responsible regardless of the driver’s behavior. In some cases, external causes contribute to the accident because of a driver’s negligence.

  • Roadway Hazards Pose Risks — whether a road is poorly designed, not maintained properly, or other hazards exist, you could be involved in an accident with an inexperienced, intoxicated, or inattentive driver. Sometimes the most experienced driver, who is paying attention to the road and driving carefully can run into trouble on a dangerous road in Las Vegas.

Drivers who are concerned about their safety should make sure they remain vigilant about traffic patterns, speed, and the actions of other drivers when traveling in Las Vegas to minimize the chances of being involved in an accident. Always be prepared to take evasive action when necessary.

  • Manufacturing Defects in Vehicles — drivers who properly maintain their vehicles are often shocked when they hit the brakes on their car, and it does not stop or when a tire suddenly blows, and they lose control of their vehicle. Oftentimes, the resulting accident is not the fault of the driver, but of the car manufacturer.

Unfortunately, an accident resulting from a manufacturing defect can be challenging to avoid because it is nearly impossible to determine when or how they can occur. However, by maintaining a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles on the roadway, you may be able to minimize the risks you are facing.

  • Unpredictable Weather Conditions — there is no telling what can happen with the weather. You can leave home and minutes later be confronted with fog, rain, wind, or worse. We all know the best thing we can do when confronted with unexpected weather is to ensure we reduce our speed to match the conditions we are facing. However, an impaired driver, a trucker in a hurry to make a deadline, or someone anxious to get home after their workday can cause an accident.

The best option for those drivers who are concerned about being a victim of weather-related car accidents is to remain vigilant. Before you leave to head out on Las Vegas roads, check the weather forecast. This will better prepare you for what you can expect.

Driver Factors and Las Vegas Accidents

Poorly maintained vehicles, manufacturing flaws, and bad roadways are usually not considered the primary cause of roadway accidents in Las Vegas. The human factor will always play a role in auto accidents because sometimes, drivers act in a negligent manner. Here are some of the most common driver related causes of car accidents

  • Speed Increases Severity of Accidents — drivers who deliberately ignore the speed limits set on Las Vegas roadways are behaving in a reckless manner and they are putting everyone on our roads in jeopardy. There is no doubt when an accident occurs and the driver is speeding, the potential for more serious injuries is increased.

If you identify a speeding driver, the best option available to you is to stay out of the lane they are traveling in. Try to monitor their movements so you can potentially avoid becoming a victim of a speed related crash. While this can be difficult, it is the best way to avoid being injured by a driver who is ignoring speed laws.

  • Impaired Driving Takes a Toll — unfortunately, there are still numerous people who believe it is safe to drive impaired. This puts everyone in danger; not only are they putting their own live at risk these drivers are risking the lives of other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians in Las Vegas.

Nearly a third of all traffic fatalities in the United States involve an impaired driver. The best way to protect yourself from an impaired driver is to be on the lookout for anyone who is traveling erratically. Impaired drivers often make bad decisions including weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, and other dangerous maneuvers.

  • Distracted Driving on the Rise — in today’s age of cell phones, GPS, and Rideshare applications, we have seen a number of states ban the use of handheld devices. However, there are still plenty of accidents which involve a driver who is texting, eating, smoking, or checking out their GPS and not paying attention to the road. These drivers are perhaps some of the most dangerous because it is often impossible to tell whether a driver is actually paying attention until it is too late.

While it is usually difficult to tell if a driver is distracted on the roadway, some signs include failure to slow down when they see a hazard, not staying within properly marked lines, or increases and decreases in speed. If you see these drivers on the roadway, a polite honk of your horn may gain their attention and help them realize they have lost their focus. However, that does not mean that two minutes later they will continue to pay attention. Always be on the lookout for poor driving habits which could indicate a driver is paying more attention to an electronic device than the roadway and proceed with caution.

Another critical concern on Las Vegas roads is the alarming incidence of drunk driving. Encountering an impaired driver can be devastating, leading to severe accidents. If you ever find yourself involved in an unfortunate event with a drunk driver, it’s essential to be aware of the right steps to take.

Unfortunately, regardless of how careful you are on the roadways, there is often little, if any, time to think before a careless driver plows into your car causing you to suffer an injury. Whether you suffer an injury due to a reckless driver or because the owner of a car was not aware of a manufacturers’ defect in the vehicle, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Since the time frame is limited by Nevada’s statutes of limitations on filing a claim you should contact an experienced car accident attorney in Las Vegas at Gina Corena & Associates at 702-680-1111 and schedule a free consultation today. Let our team help you determine the best way forward.

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