Was Your Car Accident Claim Denied? How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 25,2023

Was Your Car Accident Claim Denied? How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A serious car accident is stressful enough; learning that your car accident claim was denied is frustrating. You paid your premiums, met your deductibles, yet nothing about your claim denial makes sense.  A personal injury lawyer can help you by examining your policy and the reason for the denial. In some cases, it may involve more than one reason. Let’s take a look at some reasons why an insurance company may deny a car accident claim:

You Failed to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Experiencing a traumatic event like that of a car accident can leave you in shock. The adrenaline pulsing through your body may mask symptoms of serious injury.  Your delay in seeking medical treatment may cause the insurance company to deny your claim by:

  • Declaring that your injuries worsened as a result of not seeking immediate medical care
  • Declaring that your injuries are not from the accident but rather stem from a pre-existing condition

These two key reasons for denial are why it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately following a car accident. You may believe you suffered no injuries when in fact, internal injuries or bleeding occurred.

You Did Not Report the Accident in a Timely Manner

An insurance company may question why you waited to report an accident to law enforcement. They may also question whether the accident was preventable. These questions can lead them to consider the validity of your claim and result in a possible denial.

Reporting a car accident right away is important for several reasons. Not only does it summon first responders in the event of injuries—but it also summons police who can provide an official report for your records.

The Amount of Damages Far Exceed the Limits of Your Policy

Car accident injuries can range from broken bones to a spinal cord injury. The medical costs associated with your recovery can reach far beyond the limits of your policy.

Your insurance company may pay for your damages up to the limit of your policy. A personal injury lawyer can explore other options for possible compensation. For example, if another driver is responsible for the accident, liability for your damages may come from their insurance company.

When a car accident changes your life due to the reckless action of another person, it is not fair. Pursuing a civil case is where a personal injury lawyer can help you.

You Broke the Law

Your policy most likely does not cover damages when you drove drunk, drugged, or without a license. Any actions—by you—that broke the law may result in a denial of your claim.

If you choose to fight your charges and you are found not guilty, the insurance company must act in good faith with your claim.

You Did Nothing Wrong and Your Claim Was Still Denied

If you did nothing wrong yet your claim was still denied, the insurance company most likely acted on bad faith.  An insurance policy is a contract that you pay premiums toward for benefits in the event of an emergency.  When an insurance company fails to honor the terms of your policy, they act in what is commonly referred to as bad faith.

Nevada law protects consumers when insurance companies act in bad faith. Examples of how an insurance company may act in bad faith include:

  • Not disclosing the terms, exclusions, or policy provisions that result in the denial of a claim
  • Misrepresentation of contract language and terms

A personal injury lawyer can navigate state law as it applies to your claim. The injuries you experienced—regardless of fault—demand your full attention. Negotiating with insurance companies is often challenging due to their steadfast desire to protect their profits. Trying to negotiate with them alone can leave you exhausted and without the funds you need.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

The denial of your claim can leave you feeling confused and unsure of what to do next. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim is an important first step toward securing possible compensation for your accident injuries.

A personal injury lawyer can investigate your accident, review the evidence, and learn why your claim was denied. This process takes time and a dedicated focus—something your injuries can prevent you from doing.

Most personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluations. This leaves you nothing to lose by discussing your options with a personal injury group firm today.

Your automobile insurance policy is not only required by law; it is costly. If you paid the required premiums to ensure you have benefits in times of tragedy, only to find your claim denied, you have options.  Contacting a personal injury lawyer can help ease your mind that someone is on your side, protecting your best interests, and pursuing the best outcome for your situation.

You Must Act Quickly

Insurance companies are quite aggressive when it comes to fighting claims involving personal injury.  An equally aggressive personal injury lawyer can act on your behalf to hold them accountable. Your medical bills demand payment and your injuries may prevent you from working. Let a personal injury lawyer get to work for you as soon as possible.

The statute of limitations is a state law that truly limits the amount of time allowed for pursuing civil action. If your lawyer discovers that a civil lawsuit is a possibility for your case, you must act quickly. Missing the deadline for filing your case is not an option; in fact, it can prevent you from pursuing compensation forever.

The process of settling a personal injury claim can be lengthy and complex. Understanding the typical timeline for an injury settlement can help you manage your expectations and ensure you’re prepared for each step of the way.

If you suffered serious injuries in a Las Vegas car accident and your insurance company denied your claim, do not give up. Seek the help of a personal injury lawyer by calling 702-680-1111 or contact a personal injury lawyer online today.


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