Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 27,2023

Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Facing the future after a car accident in Las Vegas can be daunting, which is why it is so critical to find the best car accident lawyer who knows exactly what to do to fight for the case.

Do not settle for the first one listed online. This personal injury attorney should be experienced in these types of injury accidents and in handling complicated claims to receive maximum compensation. The right attorney should also make their clients first priority.

Start by asking a few questions and keeping some things in mind to find the right candidate.

Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

It is important to first find out if there is a case at all that has the strength to succeed in court. The right, trustworthy car accident lawyer will guide clients in the right direction to find out if they are likely to receive a worthy settlement for their injuries and damages from an accident. Others will try to convince car accident victims to pursue the case just to get paid.

Have They Taken Similar Cases Before?

A personal injury attorney may have extensive experience but not explicitly specialized in handling car accident cases. Ask more questions about their prior cases and their winning record history with those. Keep in mind that these kinds of auto accident cases are extremely complex and vary from state to state, so they should be experienced in the state where the accident occurred.

How Long Will the Case Last?

Car accident cases will disrupt life no matter what, of course, but it is good to know more specifics on the length of the trial and the factors that could affect how long it will take for compensation to be received based on a comparable estimate from similar cases.

How Much Do They Charge?

Find out what the attorney’s contingency legal fees are. Most car accident lawyers will only get paid if their client wins, charging anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of the settlement from the case.

Research the Success of the Car Accident Lawyer

Before visiting a car accident lawyer, dig more into their track record by visiting the Nevada State Bar Association’s website. Here, people can search for attorneys in their area that specialize in personal injury law, the firm’s website, and more detailed attorney contact info.

Once a free phone or in-person consultation has been scheduled, ask more questions about their success in the courtroom for car accident cases, such as:

  • About how many auto accident victims have they represented?
  • What percentage of cases resulted in client compensation?
  • What are some successful testimonials from past clients (found on independent review sites)

Make Sure the Firm and Attorney Specialize in Car Accidents

Car Accident Law

This is because these firms – and their respective legal teams – are typically armed with more resources that are allocated for car accident cases versus an attorney in a solo practice. 

While many firms have resources dedicated to car accident cases, it’s essential to be aware of specific legal procedures that can impact a case. For example, understanding the intricacies of distracted driving laws can be crucial in determining the liability of a driver. Similarly, being informed about the legality of lane-splitting in Nevada can provide insights into potential traffic violations that may have contributed to an accident.

For instance, they usually have one or more investigators experienced in interpreting police reports, which is an advantage in establishing fault or negligence in a car accident, such as one that involves distracted driving.

Rely on Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Because car accidents that result in injuries are all too common, there is a good chance you will know someone in your circle of friends and family who had to hire a car accident lawyer and is willing to share their experience and give a referral. Getting that personal recommendation could provide a greater peace of mind. 

Ask them questions such as:

  • What was the process like in hiring the attorney and firm?
  • How did they find them in the market in the first place?
  • Were they pleased with how the attorney handled the case?
  • Would they use them again?

More Things to Consider When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

There are several key factors to consider before hiring a car accident lawyer that will help narrow down the search as a standout from the competition.

Consider the Lawyer’s Legal Fee Agreement

As mentioned, most car accident lawyers work on contingency, where no payment is required until the client receives a financial settlement. Just make sure all the details of the legal fee agreement are disclosed, such as the exact percentage, or contingency fee, the law firm and attorney will receive from the settlement, which can be higher if the case goes to court – regardless of the outcome.

Remember that while accident victims should not hire an attorney whose priority is how much they profit from the case, sometimes a more expensive attorney can be worth the higher fees. 

Consider the Lawyer’s Reputation

Look up the attorney’s background and reputation for making sure they are honest and trustworthy. A law firm is legally obligated to advise and act in the best interest of its clients, but that does not mean they all do. Pay attention to whether or not the firm is known for quick settlements, which could mean lower compensation for its clients.

According to the American Bar Association, a lawyer’s ethical responsibilities include:

  • Serving as a representative of clients, with the special responsibility for the quality of justice.
  • Following a personal conscience and esteem of professional peers
  • Striving to achieve the highest level of skill, improve the legal profession, and embody the legal profession’s ideals of public service
  • Setting an example as a competent, prompt, and diligent professional who maintains communication with a client during representation.

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

For those hoping to obtain financial compensation after a car accident beyond personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, hiring a car accident attorney is not only beneficial but necessary. 

A lawyer will help personal injury victims recover compensation for:

  • Car damages
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Occupational therapy
  • Chronic pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Hospital and doctor visits
  • Ongoing surgeries
  • Medications
  • Medical devices, like crutches or a wheelchair
  • Chiropractic care
  • Surgeries
  • Mental health counseling
  • Any modifications needed for the home, like a wheelchair ramp

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