How Do Medical Bills Get Paid Before a Settlement Comes In?

by Gina Corena

Last Updated on September 08,2023

How Do Medical Bills Get Paid Before a Settlement Comes In?

It can take weeks or months before a personal injury settlement arrives. During this time, a person is still responsible for paying their medical bills. If the bills continue to add up, this person can be left with a massive amount of debt, not to mention the potential stress of watching their credit score drop. 

Do not wait to take action to pay medical bills before a settlement comes in. Consider all available options to cover these bills and avoid medical debt. 

What is a Personal Injury Settlement?

A personal injury settlement can be awarded in a legal case. People can receive economic or non-economic damages, or both. The settlement can total hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the case. 

The time it takes for a personal injury settlement to arrive varies, too. For example, Juul Labs recently reached a global resolution covering more than 5,000 cases and 10,000 plaintiffs. Even though Juul Labs has agreed to pay an undisclosed settlement amount, there is no telling when plaintiffs will get damages from the case. 

A personal injury lawyer advocates for a plaintiff and makes sure this individual gets their settlement as quickly as possible. The attorney guides their client through the legal process with precision and care. In doing so, the lawyer limits the time it takes for a plaintiff to receive the maximum amount of damages. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Personal Injury Settlement?

A personal injury case can last months or years. The case can exhaust a plaintiff, to the point where this individual wants to give up. Yet, a plaintiff who remains patient is well equipped to get a settlement to match — or exceed — their expectations.

In August 2022, a Nevada state court jury awarded $8 million in damages to a woman who suffered back injuries in a FedEx truck accident. This amount was more than quadruple the settlement offer FedEx offered the woman. Now, the woman is using the majority of her awarded damages to cover her medical bills. 

There is no guarantee a jury will award damages surpassing a personal injury settlement proposal. With an experienced personal injury attorney on their side, a plaintiff is positioned for courtroom success. The plaintiff can work in lockstep with their lawyer to build a strong case and pursue damages to account for their medical expenses.

What Should a Plaintiff Do to Pay Their Medical Bills Until a Settlement Comes in? 

Do not forgo medical treatment after an accident resulting in a personal injury. Anyone who does so risks long-term health problems. Instead, consult with a doctor, get medical care, and track all medical expenses. 

A person may reach out to their medical provider to find out what payment options are available. In some instances, a provider may give an individual the opportunity to take out a loan to pay their medical bills. The loan ensures a person can receive ongoing medical care without putting their financial well-being in danger. 

In addition, partner with a lawyer to seek damages from anyone responsible for the accident and personal injury. This attorney can take a look at the facts surrounding an accident and any related injuries. The lawyer can help a person determine who is at fault and submit a legal claim for damages. 

What Will Happen If a Person does Not Pay Their Medical Bills Prior to a Settlement Coming in? 

A person can suffer financial ruin by choosing not to pay their medical bills. There can be times when a collections department continues to reach out to an individual due to unpaid medical costs. In the worst-case scenarios, these costs can impact a person’s credit score and force this individual to make tough budget cuts to stay afloat financially. 

In times when a person is dealing with unpaid medical bills due to an accident and personal injury, a settlement may be offered. It can be tempting to immediately accept this settlement since it may seem like a financial windfall. However, accepting a settlement can do more harm than good. 

By accepting a personal injury settlement, a person gives up their right to seek damages in court. This individual may be able to get more in damages than what is proposed in a settlement. Therefore, it may be in a person’s best interest to decline a settlement offer and move forward with a personal injury lawsuit. 

What to do When Presented with a Personal Injury Settlement

Injury Settlement Medical Bills

If an insurance company or someone else comes forward with a settlement offer, take a close look at the proposal. Accepting the offer may seem like a good idea at first glance. Conversely, doing so means an individual cannot file a legal claim for damages. 

A personal injury lawyer can help a person review a settlement offer and make an informed decision about it. The attorney does not encourage the client to approve or reject a settlement proposal. Rather, the lawyer helps this individual weigh the pros and cons of an offer and consider the ramifications of any decision about it. 

If a person feels uncomfortable with a settlement proposal, this individual can decline it without any consequences. At this point, the individual can work with a personal injury attorney who can build their case. In the time leading up to a trial, the attorney will make sure the plaintiff’s case can compel a judge or jury to rule in their favor. 

How to Get a Settlement in a Personal Injury Case 

File a personal injury lawsuit as soon as possible. To get started, a person can meet with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. The attorney and their client can submit paperwork for the lawsuit and gather evidence. 

Prepare for a court date in a personal injury case. An attorney tells their client what to expect once their case goes to trial. The lawyer is ready to answer any questions about the trial process as well. 

Ultimately, an attorney will help a plaintiff present a case. If the lawyer is successful, the plaintiff will receive compensation from an at-fault party. This individual can then use the damages to pay their medical fees. 

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