Big trucks provide one of the most vital services  in the nation when it comes to transporting the goods that people from one location to the next. Unfortunately, they also offer a number of potential hazards. Because of their larger mass and size, big trucks can cause substantial injury to accident victims in a collision. While you cannot avoid every potential collision on the road, you can decrease your odds of an accident with a big truck by following these safe driving practices.

1. Know how to identify big trucks’ blind spots.

Big trucks have massive blind spots in which they cannot see other vehicles around them. These blind spots exist on all sides of the vehicle, including both the front and rear. While some modern trucks have cameras that make it easier for the drivers to see around them, most trucks have not yet received these updates. Familiarize yourself with big truck blind spots.

While understanding truck blind spots is crucial, there are other road safety concerns to be aware of. For instance, the roads themselves can pose threats, such as the hazards caused by potholes in Nevada. Additionally, it’s essential for younger drivers to be well-informed. Consider reading up on teen driving safety tips to ensure a safer driving experience for all.

Once you know where they are, do your best to stay out of them. If you must drive alongside a truck, try to stay out of its blind spots. When passing, try to accelerate fast enough that you do not linger in the truck driver’s blind spot. Remember, if you cannot clearly see the driver’s mirrors, he more than likely cannot see you, which can put you at risk for a sideswipe collision.

2. Leave plenty of room for big trucks to maneuver.

When sharing the road with a big truck, you must consider how long it takes those trucks to maneuver safely. Big truck drivers need more time to start moving, slow down, stop, and turn than the drivers of smaller passenger vehicles. Some drivers may make very wide right turns to afford more visibility around the front of the vehicle.

Leaving room for truck drivers to maneuver means several things.

Do not pull over too close in front of a big truck, especially while stopping or slowing. Big truck drivers know how much room they need to slow or stop safely, and they may allow more room between them and the vehicle in front of them to allow for that room. Pulling over in front of them abruptly erases that room and may make it difficult for the driver to avoid a collision.

Back off and leave room for a signaling truck. If you notice a truck signaling to change lanes in front of you, back off and leave plenty of room for the truck driver to execute the lane change safely. You can flash your lights to let the truck driver know that he has plenty of clear space for his trailer.

Do not pull into the space left by a turning truck. Some truck drivers will turn wide to execute a right turn. Do not move into this space. Instead, stay back and let the truck complete the turn before you move up.

3. Share the road safely.

Many drivers, especially when in a hurry, quickly get impatient with big trucks on the road in front of them. They may attempt to speed up or try to force the truck driver to drive faster, or they may change lanes abruptly, racing to get around the truck.

Increased rates of speed also substantially increase the risk of an accident for both you and the truck driver. To help reduce the risk of a collision, share the road safely. Even if a truck driver travels more slowly than you would prefer, keep in mind that he has a job to accomplish, too. Like you, he wants to reach his destination quickly and safely. Do not speed or ignore the rules of the road when sharing the road with a big truck. Instead, maintain a safe rate of speed to help keep everyone safe. Follow traffic signals and adhere to the rules of the road. If you often struggle with impatience, try leaving earlier so that you have more time to reach your destination.

4. Clearly signal your intentions when driving.

A truck driver can better predict your actions when you clearly signal your intentions. Avoid slamming on your brakes at the last minute, changing lanes without signaling, or turning abruptly, without signals. Instead, use your car’s turn signals and clearly indicate your intentions before you commit to a specific action. This makes it easier for truck drivers to predict what you will do next, which can make it easier for the truck driver to avoid an accident.

5. Pay attention to the truck.

Under the best of circumstances, you should avoid driving distracted. Do not check your phone, fiddle with your GPS, or eat or drink, especially messy food, while driving. When driving near a big truck, however, you should exercise extra caution. Keep in mind that the driver may not have full visibility around his vehicle, which means that he might not notice you if you sit in a blind spot for too long. Pay attention to his turn signals, which could indicate that he plans to change lanes. Watch his wheels: if they regularly slip out of his lane or start to slide over, you may need to get out of the way or signal him about the problem. Take note of the truck driver’s load: if you notice it shifting erratically or starting to slip, you may need to let him know that you have seen a shifting load accident.

Any time you notice a truck driver or his load doing something potentially dangerous, get out of the way. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road each day and have a higher rate of alcohol use than drivers of passenger vehicles. By paying careful attention to what the truck driver does and how he maneuvers, you can help get yourself out of the way of a potential accident.

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